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Electrical energy is central to the operation of modern industries, but the quality of this energy can have considerable repercussions on equipment. Harmonics, non-linear electrical disturbances, can affect the reliability and lifespan of industrial machinery. This is where we come in, offering a complete, reliable solution to protect the health of equipment and optimise energy efficiency.

1 Understanding the stakes of Harmonics

Before installing harmonic filters, it is essential to understand the risks associated with harmonics. These electrical disturbances can lead to degradation of electrical components, energy losses and even malfunctioning of control systems. An in-depth analysis of the industry’s electrical network can identify potential sources of harmonics and areas susceptible to power quality problems.

2 Choosing the Right Harmonic Filter

The market offers a wide range of harmonic filters, each designed to deal with specific harmonics. Choosing the right filter depends on the characteristics of the electrical network, the equipment connected and the performance objectives. Our electrical engineers can facilitate this selection, ensuring a tailor-made solution for the industry concerned.

3 Analysis of Integration Capacity

Integrating anti-harmonic filters into the existing electrical system requires careful planning. It is essential to analyse how well the filters can be integrated without disrupting the overall operation of the installation. Adjustments may be necessary to ensure optimum compatibility and minimise disruption during commissioning.

4.Installation Filter physics

The physical installation of anti-harmonic filters involves precise connection to strategic points on the electrical network. These filters are generally installed in parallel with non-linear loads to neutralise the harmonics generated.

5.commissioning and optimum settings

The commissioning of anti-harmonic filters requires precise settings to ensure adequate filtration of harmonics. Our specialist engineers can monitor this phase to optimise the parameters according to the dynamic characteristics of the industry’s power network.

6 Employee awareness and training

The successful installation of harmonic filters also depends on staff awareness and training. Operators need to understand the benefits of filters, signs of potential problems and maintenance procedures to maximise long-term efficiency.

7. A more energy resilient industry

Installing harmonic filters is a strategic investment to protect the health of industrial equipment and optimise energy efficiency. By anticipating the risks associated with harmonics and creating appropriate solutions, industries can increase the reliability of their electrical systems, reduce maintenance costs and contribute to more sustainable production.

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