Details of Project

Thomas Tunisie Plastec
Plastic injection sector
20 Nov, 2018
THOMAS TUNISIE PLASTEC : is a subsidiary of the multinational Thomas Tontec Group, specialising in the injection and assembly of technical plastic parts for the automotive, aeronautical, industrial and medical sectors.

Our Mission:

  •  Design and installation of complete electrical installations, tailored to the specific needs of industry.
  •  Precise assembly and efficient organisation of cables within electrical cabinets, guaranteeing reliability and safety.
  •  Coordination and commissioning of various electrical equipment to ensure smooth start-up of industrial operations.
  •  Planning and installation of efficient electrical distribution systems to ensure a stable power supply to all equipment.
  •  Design and installation of industrial lighting solutions, using advanced technologies to improve visibility and safety.
  •  Integration of control and automation systems to optimise industrial processes and improve operational efficiency.
  •  Rapid response to transformer failure, providing an efficient repair and replacement service.
  • Adaptation of transformer substations to current regulatory standards, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.
  •  Carrying out power studies to size transformers according to the specific energy needs of the industrial installation.
  •  Protection and safety: Installation of protection and safety devices to guarantee the correct operation of transformers and prevent electrical risks.