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The technical maintenance of a generating set is essential to ensure that it runs smoothly, extend its service life and ensure that it is available when needed. Here are the general steps we we carry out when servicing a generating set :

Consultation of the user manual :
Before starting, we always refer to the manufacturer’s user manual for instructions specific to your model of generating set.

Visual check :
Inspections of the generator set for signs of physical damage, fuel leaks or excessive wear. We ensure that all electrical connections are secure.

Oil level :
Check the engine oil level using the dipstick and top up if necessary, using the type recommended by the manufacturer.

Air filters :
Clean or replace air filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Clogged air filters can reduce engine efficiency.

Cooling system :
Check coolant to ensure it is at the correct level. Clean radiators and cooling fins to prevent dust build-up.

Battery :
Check the condition of the battery, cleaning the terminals to ensure it is correctly charged. Discharged batteries can prevent the generating set from of the generating set.

Fuel system :
Check fuel filters and replace if necessary. Check the fuel system for leaks.

Exhaust system :
Inspect the exhaust system for leaks, damage or residue build-up. Exhaust gases must be properly vented for safety reasons.

Electrical system :
Test electrical components, such as spark plugs, cables and connections, to make sure they are working properly.

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