Cabling for Cabinets

At Golda Group, we excel in the design and manufacture of customised wiring for electrical cabinets. Our workshop is specially equipped to respond precisely to the particular requirements of our customers, offering customised, highly reliable solutions.

Service : Wiring of electrical cabinets :

The services offered by our electrical cabinet wiring workshop include :

  • 1
    Tailor-made design: We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements. Our team of experienced engineers designs bespoke enclosures to the specifications and constraints of each project.
  • 2
    Quality components: We use high-quality components from reputable manufacturers. manufacturers. Cables, circuit breakers, contactors, transformers and other components are carefully carefully selected to ensure the reliability and optimum performance of our electrical cabinets.
  • 3
    Precise wiring: Our qualified electricians carefully and precisely wire electrical cabinets in accordance with in accordance with electrical diagrams and safety standards. Each cable is identified and protected to facilitate maintenance and repairs.
  • 4
    Rigorous testing: Before delivery, each electrical cabinet undergoes extensive testing electrical continuity and compliance with current standards. standards. We make sure that all the connections are correct and that the cabinet is ready to be integrated into your electrical installation.
  • 5
    Follow-up and support: We are committed to offering our customers ongoing follow-up and support. We available to answer your questions, assist you with modifications or extensions to the installation extensions, and ensure your long-term satisfaction.

Golda Electric systematically subjects all its products to a series of checks and tests to ensure perfect quality and compliance included.

  •  Equipment conformity check.
  • Tracking control.
  • Check connections for tightness using a torque spanner.
  • Wire-to-wire control.
  • Dialectical essay by slam station.
  • Electrical no-load test.
  • Try isolation.

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