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Thermographic capture of electrical cabinets

Thermographic inspection is emerging as an essential method for assessing the condition of electrical installations. Thanks to the use of advanced thermal imaging cameras, this technique offers a unique vision for identifying thermal anomalies. In this context, we put our know-how and experience at your disposal to ensure that the performance and safety of your electrical equipment is improved. Below, we outline our procedure for ensuring a successful thermographic inspection.

1.Meticulous inspection planning :

Before undertaking a thermographic inspection, it is imperative to plan the operation meticulously. This includes defining priority areas, creating a regular inspection schedule, and coordinating with maintenance teams to minimise operational disruption.

2.Equipment preparation :

Ensuring accurate results requires careful preparation of the equipment. Before the inspection, it is essential to ensure that the electrical systems are operational, that the connections are accessible, and that the equipment is subjected to a normal load.

3.Use of Advanced Thermal Cameras :

Modern thermal imaging cameras play a central role in the success of a thermographic inspection. The use of state-of-the-art equipment provides high resolution, increased thermal sensitivity and detailed image capture, giving an accurate view of the temperatures of electrical components.

4.Expert interpretation and analysis :

Interpreting thermographic images requires technical expertise. Trained professionals can detect thermal anomalies, hot spots and early signs of electrical malfunctions. This expert analysis enables targeted preventive maintenance recommendations to be made.

5.Integrating Results into the Maintenance Strategy :

The results of the thermographic inspection must be integrated into the overall maintenance strategy. This means prioritising corrective actions according to the criticality of the anomalies detected, and adjusting preventive maintenance cycles accordingly.

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