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Transformer substation MT/BT

For over 20 years, our core business has been the design, construction, maintenance and installation of MV/LV electrical equipment. We offer you a complete, tailor-made service, from design to operation, from supply to commissioning of your MV/LV 30KV transformer substation.

Installation of a MV/LV transformer substation

How do we go about it ?

We work with MV and LV equipment from a range of brands (Schneider Electric, Ormazabal, Siemens Alsthom, Areva). The electrical equipment we offer for your new installation is tailored to your needs, with the needs, with the equipment approved by an inspection body in compliance with international standards NFC, 13100, 13200, 15100 and HN 4. We use all our experience to coordinate with STEG (Ste tunisienne d’électricité et de gaz) to enable STEG (Ste tunisienne d’électricité et de gaz) in order to allow the reception of MV/LV transformer substations with power ranging from 100 KVA to 3200 KVA.

What elements are required ?

The installation process for the MV/LV substation can be made up of the following elements, depending on the topology of the substation :

  • An incoming cell, an outgoing cell, a MV metering cell, a general protection cell,
    a transformer protection cubicle, busbar trunking, an MV/LV transformer, transformer protection
    transformer, civil engineering (cubicle or overhead substation) and a general B circuit breaker.
  • Our teams are electrically certified and of course operate with all the compulsory safety equipment.
    safety equipment.

Maintenance of a MV/LV transformer substation :

The maintenance plan for a transformer is important for  : 
  • Ensuring business continuity by maintaining transformer substations to prevent electrical risks.
  • Ensure the longevity of your equipment by offering top-quality transformers and cells.
  • Protecting people and property by ensuring a safe working environment through preventive and corrective action.
  • Anticipate electrical problems by carrying out regular technical monitoring to maintain and restore installations in the event of problems.
Our maintenance checklist includes  :
  1. Cleaning the transformer substation.
  2. Checking and monitoring the MV transformer.
  3. Tightening seals, greasing intersec and adjusting.
  4. Checking and monitoring MT cells.
  5. Checking MV and LV cable heads.
  6. Switching tests, as well as checking fuses, etc.
  7. Check that the transformer protection box is working properly.
  8. Checking and measuring the earth value.
  9. Oil sampling and dielectric analysis.
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