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Lightning protection

Electricity drives many modern industries, but with that power comes the inherent risk of lightning-related incidents.To protect industrial installations from lightning damage, the installation of lightning conductors becomes imperative. Below are the steps to be followed by our technicians when installing a lightning protection system.

1.Risk and Needs Assessment

Before installing a lightning conductor, a thorough risk assessment is required. We identify areas of the facility at high risk of lightning strike, such as tall structures, towers or sensitive equipment. Based on this information, we choose the appropriate type of lightning conductor.

2.Choosing the right lightning conductor for your industry

Industrial installations can benefit from different lightning conductor configurations, including rod lightning conductors, lightning masts and power line protection systems. We select the type according to the structure and equipment present.

3.Professional installation by our experts

Lightning conductors should only be installed by qualified and certified professionals. These experts will assess the specific configuration of your industrial site, ensuring that the installation complies with current safety standards.

4.Proper earthing

Proper earthing is crucial to the correct operation of a lightning conductor. We ensure that the earthing system is correctly installed to allow effective dissipation of lightning energy into the ground.

5.Protection of sensitive equipment

As well as protecting the structure, a well-designed lightning conductor system should also include protective devices for sensitive electronic and electrical equipment. This may include the installation of surge protectors to prevent power surges.

6.Regular Maintenance and Testing

We schedule regular inspections and tests to ensure that the lightning conductor is operational. We check the connections, visually inspect the structure and carry out the necessary functional tests.

7.Protecting the industry from the forces of nature

Installing a lightning conductor in an industrial facility is a crucial step in minimising the risks associated with lightning strikes. By investing in a professional installation and regularly maintaining the system, industries can protect their assets, ensure business continuity and guarantee the safety of their employees. In a world where technology and industry are developing rapidly, protection against natural forces is becoming an inescapable necessity.

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