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As the prime contractor for a technical package, we make it a point of honour to offer you solutions that are effective and innovative in both environmental and economic terms.

This may involve network coupling (generators, etc.) or energy-saving solutions (power optimisation, automatic dimming lighting systems, centralised technical management, etc.). In all cases, our proposals will be tailored to needs, technically realistic and affordable.
We are a team of experts with a passion for electricity, and we offer you our technical skills and expertise to bring your most complex electrical projects to a successful conclusion. Our services include :
  • 1
    Feasibility studies: We assess the technical and economic feasibility of your electrical project, taking into account the constraints and options available, to provide you with precise recommendations.
  • 2
    Electrical systems design: We design customised electrical systems to meet your power, distribution, safety and efficiency requirements. your power, distribution, safety and energy efficiency needs. efficiency.
  • 3
    Calculations and sizing: We carry out precise calculations to determine the electrical loads cable cross-sections, the necessary protection and other electrical components, in compliance with current standards.
  • 4
    Project management: We provide complete management of your electrical project, by all phases, meeting deadlines and working closely with you. with you.
  • 5
    Technical advice: Our experts can advise you on best practice in the following areas electrical engineering, including the use of new technologies, optimising energy efficiency and complying with and compliance with standards.

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