Details of Project

20 Nov, 2018
Founded in 1991, SABRINE is the leading brand of packaged water on the local market. With its policy of innovation, SABRINE was the first Tunisian mineral water to be bottled.

Our Mission:

  • Design and installation of complete electrical installations, tailored to the specific needs of industry.
  • Precise assembly and efficient organisation of cables within electrical cabinets, guaranteeing reliability and safety.
  • Coordination and commissioning of various electrical equipment to ensure smooth start-up of industrial operations.
  • Planning and installation of efficient electrical distribution systems to ensure a stable power supply to all equipment.
  • Design and installation of industrial lighting solutions, using advanced technologies to improve visibility and safety.
  • Integration of control and automation systems to optimise industrial processes and improve operational efficiency.
  • Implementation of maintenance programmes to ensure the sustainability of facilities and to intervene rapidly in the event of malfunction.
  • Implementing energy management solutions to monitor and optimise consumption, thereby contributing to overall energy efficiency.
  • Design and installation of electrical transformer substations to adjust voltage levels and meet the specific needs of the industrial site.
  • Implementation of regular maintenance programmes to ensure that transformers operate smoothly and extend their service life.
  • Rapid response to transformer failure, providing an efficient repair and replacement service.
  • Adaptation of transformer substations to current regulatory standards, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.
  • Carrying out power studies to size transformers according to the specific energy needs of the industrial installation.
  • Tests and checks: Regular tests and checks to ensure transformer performance and detect any anomalies.
  • Return to service: Coordination of the return to service after any intervention, with in-depth tests to ensure the reliability and safety of the transformer substations.